Long-form interview in The Sun magazine (forthcoming in 2019)

Review of Karla Van Vliet’s Fragments: From the Lost Book of the Bird Spirit at Green Mountains Review (forthcoming in 2018)

 "Solitude & Solidarity: Creative Artists Need 'Em Both" on the Brevity Blog. 

"Deep Green Forces: An Interview with Derrick Jensen" at Terrain Magazine.

Jari Chevalier's series of 42 audio Living Hero interviews and long-form audio essays have been aired on community radio stations WGDR and WGDH in Vermont and have been featured by many blogs and websites. The series is archived, along with a project description and host biography covering this work at

Her work in nonfiction has been supported by The Puffin Foundation, Vermont Studio Center, and The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.



Two audio feature programs: "The Unreal World of Narcissists and Sociopaths" and "Trips Beyond Addiction" available for listening on

Essay: "Codes of My Kin" at Reality Sandwich


Art reviews:

"Los Caprichos & Here Comes the Bogey-Man at Chelsea Art Museum"

"Tim Hawkinson at the Whitney Museum of American Art"

"Greater New York at P.S. 1"

"Remote Viewing: Invented Worlds in Contemporary Painting and Drawing The Whitney Museum of American Art"